Cost Savings:

Equine Pine is cost efficient because you use so much less of the product than other types of bedding, especially wood shavings. Mucking time and the amount of disposal is also greatly reduced, which calculates to thousands of dollars in savings annually, especially in medium to large sized equine operations. A problem facing all horse owners, regardless of the size of their operation, is manure management. This is something that is becoming more of a problem with the ever-increasing legislation regarding disposal.

Equine Pine is the answer! Disposal volume will be reduced by up to 60%. With wood shavings, the manure pile is more bedding than manure. With Equine Pine you pick only the manure and wet spots and remove very little bedding. When you reduce the amount of waste, you reduce the amount of consumption and cost. In addition, if you are paying to remove the waste, these costs will be dramatically reduced.