Surplus Equipment For Sale

When we purchased our factory in Laurinburg NC, we inherited some used production equipment from the previous owner that isn't required for our type of manufacturing.

The equipment has been idle since their plant was shut down and is kept in good condition.



If you require this equipment, we are very motivated to sell it, so please contact:

800-665-2117    (US & Canada)
Direct: 214-686-7000



Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer  RTO

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Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer RTO


Steam Generator Boilers:  (2 units)


North American Atlas Steam Generator

North American Atlas Generator (Steam Generator Boiler)- 5.2 million BTU per hr


Industrial Boiler Co., Inc Steam Generator

Industrial Boiler Co., Inc - Steam Generator Boiler

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Pollution Control Equipment:   (RTO)